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What's it like to ride a Harley-Davidson® in New Zealand?

It's truly incredible! New Zealand offers some of the best roads for riding and the most incredible scenery in the world. New Zealand in approximately the size of England, but has less than 4 million inhabitants. New Zealand offers more space and attractions per capita than most other holiday destinations in the world. There are majestic fiords, native forests, sandy beaches, and incredible glaciers. Overall....New Zealand is a land of remarkable contrast. As most of the South Island is hilly or mountainous, the roads are a motorcyclist's delight...scenic, well-engineered, well maintained, and best of all, uncrowded.

New Zealand also offers a remarkable amount of entertainment as well: white-water rafting, fun parks, wildlife colonies, camping, world-class fishing, nightlife, casinos, Maori hangi(feast), geysers, jet boat rides, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, volcanoes, thermal springs, whale watching, the list goes on......... Our company was established in 1964 and is known as a market leader in New Zealand. We have been formally involved with motorcycle rentals since 1992.
Get ready for the ride of your life!

What's the climate like?

The climate is mild, with an average of 23C/76F in January(mid-summer) and 13C/56F in July(mid-winter). Prevailing winds are from the west, which means the west coast of the South Island gets more rain than the drier east coast. The Southern Alps and Fiordland have a mountain climate, and the local weather in Christchurch can vary in a short space of time, but it is typically warn and dry.

What do I need in order to rent a motorcycle from your Harley-Davidson® Dealership?

Rider MUST :

Be 21 years of age or older.

Have a valid Heavyweight Motorcycle Driver's License from New Zealand or from your country of origin if staying in New Zealand on Holiday.

Possess the skills, knowledge and ability to operate a motorcycle.

A major credit card is also Required

All rentals are recent-model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that have been serviced and maintained to H-D Motor Company standards. Each Harley-DavidsonSM Authorized Rentals experience includes the use of a safety approved helmet and raingear, short-term luggage storage and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.

Is insurance included with the rental?

Yes. You are insured while renting our motorcycles. However, you are responsible for the insurance deductible. We require an insurance deductible bond be placed with us through the use of a credit card "hold" of NZ$3000. We ensure you have available funds on your credit card to cover the insurance deductible in the unlikely event of damage. Upon return of the motorcycle in satisfactory condition the credit card "hold" is released. This process is standard operating procedure for the New Zealand recreational rental industry.

Do I need to wear a helmet while riding in New Zealand?

Yes......New Zealand law requires the wearing of a New Zealand approved helmet for both Rider and Passenger/Pillion Our primary concern is your safety. Protection on the road is a good thing and it is a good idea for motorcyclists to ride responsibly. You and any passengers must sign an agreement that states you will wear an approved helmet at all times while on the bike for the duration of the rental. If you don't have your own approved helmet, don't worry: these are provided at the time of rental. Be aware that beanie and novelty shells are not approved and do not qualify as proper head protection.

What happens if I need help while renting a motorcycle?

We provide our contact details and hours of operation to every person renting motorcycles from us. We also provide an after-hours support number in the unlikely event of an incident requiring assistance from us. We have a network of associates located throughout New Zealand that can respond, on our behalf, to your needs for assistance, if required.

Can I rent a motorcycle one way or drop off/pick-up in a location other than Christchurch?

Of course you can, you're the customer. We will do whatever we can to create a satisfying Harley-Davidson® holiday rental for you. Creating a custom trip or one-way ride will incur transportation/shipping charges and must be scheduled in advance to allow us to make the necessary preparations. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Will I have a problem riding on "the other side of the road"?

For our customers from outside of New Zealand used to riding "on the other side of the road" it is important to make sure you have a clear understanding of differences in driving laws between New Zealand and your home country. A careful review of relevant differences in "road code" and a familiarization ride to become comfortable with the differences is essential to ensure a safe and fun Harley-Davidson® holiday.

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